Meth belongs to the most addictive illegal chemicals available today. Sadly Meth addiction has been on the rise among young people throughout the country for many years now. There are various theories about the reason for this, all coming from problems that teenagers generally experience, including:

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Low Self-Esteem

* Loneliness or Fear of Rejection

* Intense Stress or Pressure from peers

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During the adolescent years, teenagers go through many life-changing encounters. Sad to say, a number of these experiences aren’t sorted out properly by the adults in a teenager’s life or are brushed off to be unimportant. To a teen, however, what might seem simple for a grownup is actually a very big deal. Middle school and high school can be aggravating times when a youngster’s senses and thoughts are heightened and shoved to the limits each and every day. Problems that may not seem critical, such as gossip or teasing, can be quite critical and often threatening. It’s therefore, and feelings of being misinterpreted or being considered as insignificant, that many young people try using Meth.

Meth Becoming the Drug of Choice for Teenagers

Previously, marijuana was the drug of choice for youngsters. It had been cheap and can deliver a pleasurable high without being as extreme as other drugs. The issue is that marijuana started to be a gateway drug for numerous young people, letting them feel that they could branch out into using different drugs just like Meth without suffering from too many side effects. Meth subsequently began to make progress in abused drugs, offering a far more intense high that lasted much longer than marijuana while being less pricey than other drugs such as cocaine or heroine. The particular negative effects of a Meth “high” likely also appeal to youngsters in particular. Many youngsters who have abused Meth in the past have reported feeling invincible, such as a super hero. Meth often provides fake sense of consciousness or control, which makes it harder for others to convince using teens of the risks. In particular, teens have called Meth a party drug, often getting together and utilizing in groups at parties. It is likely that the teens feel the Meth increases their fun. Currently being affordable to produce, Meth is more readily available to young people than older people assume or would like to believe. This is typically what has served to build the epidemic of Meth abuse among youngsters in the United States.

The Critical Hazards of Meth Abuse

To be able to comprehend how hazardous Meth really is, it is very important to know precisely how it can impact the body. Meth abuse, even in small amounts, causes irreversible mental damage. It can also trigger life-long problems like sleeplessness, stress, paranoia and severe breathing troubles. Far more devastating than this, nevertheless, is the fact that treatment for Meth addiction is has become virtually ineffective. A young person becoming addicted to Meth isn’t just courting risk. This Meth addiction is almost assuredly a death sentence. Serious illness or death becomes more a matter of “when” than “if”. The best and most important thing you can do for the teens in your life is to make sure they are informed about the side effects and true hazards of Meth abuse. Meth abuse and addiction are not conditions that can or should be overlooked. Remember that when a Meth addiction is full-blown, it is simply a point of time prior to serious medical issues (even those that can be lethal) happen. You may be thinking about a youngster being too young to listen, view or comprehend such risks. However, you owe it to the teens in your life to provide them the best and most genuine knowledge. Do not rely on educational institutions or programs to provide all of this knowledge for you. Being a parent you’ll always have the most influence in a teenager’s life, even when it doesn’t appear to be it. Begin informing your teenagers for the hazards of Meth as early as you can. Getting them informed is the best prevention. The risks of Meth abuse and Meth dependency are real and serious. The education you give on your youngsters should be as well.

Florida Medical Marijuana

Cannabis advocates totally support legalization of marijuana in any form in the United States, but the antagonists severely criticize its legalization and question its benefits. Citing studies, the supporters claim that marijuana can relieve all sorts of maladies, whereas the other faction doubts any medicinal value of the herb.

The debate, however, will continue for some time as no concrete evidence has surfaced to nullify claims of both the sides and it is too early to tilt the views towards one side.

Current researches

At the moment all researches are focused on two main compounds of marijuana, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). But there could be other compounds other than these that might bring medical benefits.

Tetrahydrocannabinol: THC is the main active ingredient of marijuana which has the ability to activate cannabinoid receptors in the brain that gives the high. The FDA-approved cannabinoids are lab-produced drugs and its effects are akin to THC. They are mostly prescribed to whet one’s appetite and prevent waste from cancer and AIDS.

Cannabidiol: CBD does not interact with cannabinoid receptors and hence does not cause any high in individuals. Since our bodies also produce cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, researchers are looking at producing drugs that can alter their function. The aim is to discover treatments which will enable people to use the body’s own cannabinoids to heal problems like chronic pain, epilepsy, etc.

Although many people self-medicate to deal with chronic pain, there is no authentic evidence to show whether cannabis actually reduces pain. This is mostly argued by non-supporters of cannabis who do not see any benefits of it.

Findings so far have revealed that certain conditions, like chronic pain caused by nerve injury, can be managed by vaporized cannabis. But these are mostly based on self-reporting and have several limitations.

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Other studies focus on a combination theory where cannabis is combined with other existing medications. In a similar effort, a study conducted on mice used a low dose of a THC-type drug with an aspirin-like medicine. It was found that the combination blocked nerve-related pain better than either drug alone. However, such a study is yet to be done on humans.

Extensive research required for epilepsy treatment

The internet is replete with stories which claim that cannabis is capable of reducing epileptic seizures. But these studies are done only on mice and no human models have come to the fore. So, it cannot be widely accepted.

It is true that CBD has gained momentum as a potential treatment for seizures. Still, the physiological relationship between the two is yet to be established. Even with chronic pain, a very less number of studies have been conducted on patients. So, not much is known about patients’ response to CBD.

Cannabis and related compounds, including THC and CBD, are listed on Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. This means, “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” The act is applicable to ecstasy and heroin too.

Dealing with drug addiction

Addiction can make a person’s life terrible, be it to marijuana or any other illicit drug. Chronic addiction is known to be fatal and even recovery becomes a difficult task in severe cases. However, with a little effort and commitment to treatment, an addiction patient can become sober and regain life. Early intervention is the key to manage addiction.

Texas Medical Marijuana

At long last Proposition 203 Arizona has paved the way for the acceptance of medical marijuana as a curative remedy. No longer will patients suffering from chronic pain and devastating diseases have to acquire marijuana through illicit means. Thanks to the proposition, they can now legally get these through legally designated dispensaries. Some could even grow their own plants provided that they comply with the law. Among the notable safety provisions of the law that would prevent substance abuse are the provisions mandating the Department of Health Services to create a regulatory system which would identify, register, and allow people who need these to avail of medical marijuana without the fear of going to jail.

It is a breakthrough that must be celebrated by those who have long used marijuana as a medicinal solution. All that the patients have to do is to consult with their doctor and have the doctors prescribe medicinal marijuana to them. They would then use this and submit it to the AZ DHS for registration along with their identification documents. Once these have been processed, they would be given a registry ID card which is like their license to buy medical marijuana.

Critics however argue that allowing medical marijuana through Proposition 203 Arizona stands to encourage the usage of other drugs. Proponents disagree and note that regulation and decriminalization are the most viable solution to America’s growing drug problem. By decriminalizing the legitimate usage of marijuana, proponents believe that people who use marijuana would no longer have to resort to criminal channels just to avail of these. Much has been done yet much needs to be done in order to stymie America’s drug problem. Advocates believe that this is the right step to a future that is free from fear and pain. For now, thousands of people in pain don’t really care and only hope to see their pain relieved.

Arizona Medical Marijuana

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The use of marijuana is illegal according to the federal laws. However, if used the right way, its use can be legalized and will be beneficial. In fact, there are already fifteen states in the United States that licit its use such as the Ca medical marijuana law, only if used for medical purposes. The legalization of marijuana for therapeutic effects is been growing that several countries like Canada and Finland adapted the law. But for a patient to be able to use medical marijuana, a qualified patient must have a medical marijuana identification card. The drugs are distributed only by licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

Laws about medical marijuana dispensaries are strictly implemented and must therefore be followed. The laws for medical marijuana dispensary may vary from state to another but the common point of these state laws is the safe dispensing of the drug to qualified patients and registered primary caregivers only. If you are planning to open a medical marijuana dispensary, the following are steps to guide you in putting up this kind of business:

Be aware of Ca medical marijuana laws and other laws in your state. All put in mind that marijuana is an illegal drug under the federal law. Ignorance of the law will not lift you from legal liabilities. Know your clients. You should know that a qualified patient can only be given the drug if he or she has a medical marijuana identification card. The requirements of a qualified patient and registered caregiver is a must know. In California, identification cards coming from other states are not accepted. Gather pertinent documents for the application of the license to operate in the licensing department of your state. Be free to ask if you have some clarifications.

Free medical services for patients may be helpful in attracting qualified patients.

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Benefits of medical marijuana